I'm selling books, music, children's toys and games and a few bookcases on this page. It's linked to the Facebook page: For Sale, Swap, Giveaway and Wanted in Toulouse, but anyone can buy. Please let me know if you would like to buy an item by leaving a comment on the blog or by contacting me through Facebook. First come, first served, as far as I'm able to work it out with these different ways of contacting me!

Pick up will be from my home, outside Toulouse to the west. I can also arrange pick up times in Colomiers, Aussonne and Purpan from September onwards. If friends from outside of France are interested in some of the lighter items we could talk about postage!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Mysteries and Thrillers

Great books - the author of Sleeping Dogs is a blogging friend! (Find her blog here). 1€ each or 6€ the lot.

French books and books about France!

50c for the four books middle and left, 1€50 for Southwest France.

History and historical biography

1€ each for the top row. 1€50 each for the bottom row. Or we can organise a deal for sets!

Three art and craft books in French

You'll be able to turn them the right way up, which is more than my computer seems to do! 1€ each or 2€50 for 3.

Vintage Children's Craft Books

They're all great, but the 'exciting things to make' pair are truly fantastic! 1€ each for the top two, 1€50 each for the 'exciting things' books or we can negotiate a deal for the pairs or for all 4.

Beautiful Craft Books

Usbourne Christmas decorations and cards - children's crafts, very lovely, 2€
Gift Wrapping and Teabag Folded Cards both very inspirational - I've used them both lots but the condition is fine. 1€50 each
Painting on Stones very good but sadly had water spilled on it when painting! 70c

Vintage and slightly newer books for children

Including Garfield and Peanuts books 70c each, Something to Do and Games Galore (for group activities) 1€ each and various other books, 70c each.

Film-inspired books for children and adults

Bug's Life and Shrek are for younger children - 1€ for the two.
The Magical Worlds of Harry Potter is quite a serious look at the myths which inspired the stories. 1€
Gollum is a 'making of' book for older children or adults 1€

Giveaway - 3° revision book

A few bits written on, front cover torn in a fit of pique, but all still useful!

House and Home-making books - very pretty!

The one I've used most is Jane Asher's Fancy Dress - truly amazing creations which you can either create or adapt/simplify. 2€
The two Laura Ashley books are super - my favourite is the Colour Book. Why am I selling it? 2€ each or 3€ for both.
The faint blue one is The Gentle Art of Domesticity is a hypnotically beautiful book (in photos and prose) by Jane Brocket of the blog Yarn Storm (click on the link to see the blog). 2€
The elegant Country Houses of France is full of wonderful photos with captions in French, English and German! 2€
Christmas Inspirations does what it says on the tin - very pretty and up-to-date. 2€
If you're feeling super-domesticated you can have the lot for 10€!

Flowers arranging and trees!

The flower shop book is both beautiful and practical - full of advice on how to create and keep attractive flower arrangements. Small hardback, 2€
The trees book is from the TV programme - 1€

Two beautiful books in French

1€50 each or 2€ for both.

Two little French books

50c for both

Books for older children or teenagers

Three in English, one in French. 1€ each

Two large picture-filled books - history themes

1€ each or 1€50 for both - 'Maud' is an ex-library copy and the cover is a bit beat-up but it's good inside.

Animal Stories and The Manga Bible

Old book, new book! They don't have much in common - I just put them together! 1€ each.

Classic and modern books

1€ each or 5€ the lot.

Non-fiction and biography

A variety of biographies and non-fiction books, including two lovely Collins Gem nature books. 1€ each or 1€50 for two of them. The Mars and Venus book is torn on the back:

Miles Kington and Isaac Asimov

One humour, one science fiction! 1€ each.

Beautiful gilded books

Medieval and later artwork on religious themes - the Book of Psalms and the Annunciation. 1€50 each or 2€50 for both.