I'm selling books, music, children's toys and games and a few bookcases on this page. It's linked to the Facebook page: For Sale, Swap, Giveaway and Wanted in Toulouse, but anyone can buy. Please let me know if you would like to buy an item by leaving a comment on the blog or by contacting me through Facebook. First come, first served, as far as I'm able to work it out with these different ways of contacting me!

Pick up will be from my home, outside Toulouse to the west. I can also arrange pick up times in Colomiers, Aussonne and Purpan from September onwards. If friends from outside of France are interested in some of the lighter items we could talk about postage!

Sunday, 31 August 2014

Decathlon shelter

Dog not included! 5€

Ian Rankin books including all the Rebus novels

The first three books are onnibus collections containing three Rebus novels each. 1€ for the paperbacks and the battered first omnibus. 2€ for the good quality hardbacks and the two paperback omnibus collections. 15€ the lot.

Mosaic bathroom tiles

Mainly blues with a bit of beige - they just fit into the honey pot shown, to give you an idea of quantity and size. 2€

Richard North Patterson books

Seven stories in 6 books - Richard North Patterson writes brilliantly and with real concern for women's and children's rights and important political/legal issues in the USA today. Read more about him here. 1€ each or 5€ the lot.

Sue Grafton Alphabet Mysteries, A-U

The first 21 books in the (obviously) 26-book series! These are a fantastic read, if you like 'Murder Lite', or well-written women (the hero is Kinsey Millhone, a young female private eye) or the 1980s, or California... I am now keeping up to date with the later books on Kindle, so no more paper books for me. For comments on the series read the Amazon page here. The whole set for 18€ - I promise they will keep you enthralled for ages, and Kinsey truly becomes a friend for life! For details of book condition see below.
These first ones are more worn because I bought them second hand. Once I got hooked I was buying the newer ones as they came out!

Bill Bryson Paperbacks

1€ each. Down Under, A Walk in the Woods and African Diary remain - they are some of my favourites!
Notes from a Small Island and Neither Here Nor There reserved for RHJ.
Made in American, Thunderbolt Kid and Shakespeare reserved for DB.

Characterful old book case

This faded old wonder has a history: it must have been the top of a dresser and was sawn off way back when - my mum bought it like this in the '80s! All that history and character can be yours for only 6€, but please note from the photos below that it has truly seen life. Sold as seen -sturdy, battered and characterful.

Another exciting job-lot of broken jewellery, hair clips and beads for crafters

You could make an awful lot with what's in this bundle! Like the other bundle here, 6€. Or you could take both bundles for 10€! Details in the photos below:

Beautiful shell brooch

Quite big:

Purple 'jewelled' cross and magnifying glass

 Both on chains! 1€50 each.

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Size 38/39 Decathlon sandals

Well-used but with life in them yet! 1€

Two draw-string bags

1€ each

5 magnetic strands - can be necklaces, chokers or bracelets

Four are pictured here - there is a fifth to be found in the individual photos below. 1€ each or 4 the lot.

 The two above match!

Ikea 'tree' for hanging necklaces or other items

Green 2€

Beautiful blue necklaces and chokers

For prices and details see individual photos, below, or 6€ the lot.
 Pretty blue and silver choker. 1€50
 Delicate blue and silver choker 1€
 Enamel flower on blue glass beads 1€50
 Sweet beaded pendant, on vintage-style chain with faded ribbon. 1€
 Chunky pendant on faded cord 50c
Very special glass beads on silver strands 2€50

Short or medium-length necklaces

For details and prices see individual photos below, or 5€ the lot.
 Green stone heart pendant on string, 1€
 Shell circles on string 1€
 Vintage style bird and heart on two chains, making one necklace 1€50
 Amber coloured glass beads, 1€50
Blue glass beads, handmade necklace, 1€50

Pretty, vintage-style hearts and birds necklaces

See photo below for length of chains - 1€ each or 3€ the lot.
Blue and silver heart on a very long chain, 1€.
Filigree-style heart without chain, 1€.
Hand-made bird's nest on a very long chain, 1€.
Filigree-style bird 1€.

Spectacular long necklaces

For prices and details see individual photos below, or 7€50 the lot.
 Stunning blue and silver necklace 2€.
 Elegant mauve/grey stone pendant on leather cord. 4€
 Pink beads in enormous quantities! Such fun... 1€
 Goldy-beige and white/pearl beads - 1€